Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cuteness: The Legend Continues

I'm hooked on Amigurumi, but it is taking on a life of its own!

As I am making up my designs as I go along, some of these characters take some unpredictable turns. I started out making a monkey, but made the head too flat. My kids told me that it looked like a muffin, so I soldiered on and made a muffin cup to go with it. My eldest informed me that this was no muffin, but a cupcake. On his recommendation I added stitched on sprinkles. My husband declared that it was instead a toadstool. The monkey who became a toadstool.

I set out to make a monkey the second time, but I made the nose too pointy and placed the ears in the wrong spot. There was nothing else to do, but make a mouse tail and nose and call it good.

Finally, I decided I would crochet a bowl of ramen noodles. I felt pretty confident that things would go my way. I made the bowl out of a head pattern and folded it in to make a thick shell. I also made a disk with a cut up yogurt lid in the center to give the bowl stability. I sewed in some yarn loops for noodles, and made a shrimp out of shrimp colored yarn, attaching some chains at the end for legs. When I proudly presented my crocheted ramen to my family, they said, "That's not ramen, mom. Those are soba noodles!"

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