Monday, April 13, 2009

Why do birds suddenly appear?

My parakeet is the perfect crochet buddy. We have the best talks. He often starts with "Tell me a secret" followed by "That's a good secret!" I always feel better about myself after hanging out with him. He tells me I'm a "good birdie" and gives me a wolf whistle now and again.
Just as Leonardo DaVinci looked to nature to model his flying machines and watercraft, we should look to birds to gain inspiration. After all, birds are some of nature's original fiber artists. Take the weaver, who forms his nest from grass and plants, or the Tailorbirds of Southeast Asia who pierce holes in big leaves and thread plant fibers together and knot them.
So when you're digging through your stash to create a new project, imagine you are a bird rummaging through the forest, looking for materials to build a nest.
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