Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cura Te Ipsum Comic Art in Pop-up

I've recently taken interest in following web comics. Not ever having been a fan, this a totally new experience. I got hooked on Neal Bailey's Cura Te Ipsum, the story of Charlie Everett and his multiple counterparts in an undetermined number of realities. I'm taken by the defined lines in comic art and see the possibilities of translating the work into 3 dimensions. This picture is a combination of two posters you'll find on the website. The portal in Cura Te Ipsum, or rather the gateway to the other Charlies and other universes, provides an opportunity to express the pictures in multiple layers. Of course the drama of a gun pointed at the reader hints at the "coming at you" feeling anyway. I'm looking at comic art in a whole new light.

Update: Neal Bailey has made a video of my pop-ups so that you can see them in action!

Note: This is unauthorized fan art.

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