Friday, July 1, 2011

Cura Te Pop-up Cards...Animated!

Trying to capture the spirit of a pop-up card in a still photo, is tricky. One has to catch the shadows just right to show off the depth. The flash seems to wash out and flatten the picture. (Have you figured out yet that I am not a professional photographer?) Even a good picture doesn't give you the sense of motion, so I thought I'd try my hand at some animated gif files to show off my cards. First, there's the Portal card on the right as you see it at the Cura Te Ipsum Store. Neal Bailey did a nice job with the shadows on this photograph and others at the store. Try out the animated Portal to see it in motion.

My newest card, not yet on the market ("I know exactly how you feel" ) features an early panel from the comic in which the main character meets an incarnation of himself for the first time. My picture looks flat, but the animated version shows you the card in action.

I will continue my quest to bring art from the comic Cura Te Ipsum, by Neal Bailey into the 3 dimensional realm. Hats off to the artist, Dexter Wee, for providing me with so much inspiring material! I can't wait to cut up his drawings; pyramids, mushroom clouds, Great Wall of China, and other surprises...