Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hot Damn, girl!

Geek Girl Con (October 8, 9) has got me all wound up over my Cura Te Ipsum pop-up cards. Cura is a web comic written by Neal Bailey about a guy who has multiple versions of himself in an undetermined number of realities. I'm rolling out a series focusing on Charlene, the super tough female incarnation of Charlie Everett. She's a get it done kinda gal. She might shoot you, but then again she might take a bullet for you. In the first card I made she's throwing a punch at Charlie prime.  The second features the gun-toting, no bullshit Charlene, along with a short bio. 

Shout out to Neal Bailey: How about adding another female character? She would be about 5 foot tall, wear glasses, be nerdy but smart, and highly attractive. (She's no Velma in this story!) You could call her something like....CharLinda! Just throwing out some ideas here!

If you get a chance, stop by Neal's table (Artist's Alley, Booth 211) at Geek Girl Con to check out my cards, and the comic book. Otherwise, we'll have the new Charlene cards on sale the Cura Store after the con.

Postscript:  Deadlines are fun, but cleanup is not!

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